Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where I do something a little different and squat until I think I might pass out

My swing volume was down today - 250 - but I mixed it up and kept the weight up (all one handed moves are still done with the 18#). I saw this guy's blog  and thought the photo of him doing a deep squat with the KB locked out overhead looked interesting, so I thought I'd try to incorporate that in, as well as a few other combos. 

It went something like this: clean, press, back to clean, deep squat, hold a second, come up, swing to transfer to other side, repeat. Another one was a snatch - windmill combo. Finally, I did snatches, kept the arm locked out, squatted. Wash, rinse repeat. 

I decided to mix it a up a little, and instead of going on to more swings, I worked with the 15# barbells we've had forever (but I've never used, they've been too heavy in the past). I can't say they didn't feel heavy, it did, but it was a doable heavy. I did a variety of exercises - and you will forgive me if I do not know the names of any, it's been a looong time since I worked with a trainer - finishing with 3 rounds of squats with the barbells held on each shoulder. Can I say ow? It was fun to mix things up a little!

My food has been under control today, really not too hungry. Probably still full from all the damn calories yesterday! 

I've noticed I have a lot of new readers, I have a feeling the bulk of you are from Dragon Door, welcome and thanks for reading! I would love any feedback from other KB enthusiasts!


Christine Petty said...

Nice workout :)

Christine said...

I just woke up. I was not sure I was going to be able to get out of bed. I think it's safe to say I worked different muscle groups!

Someday I will catch up with you and Royce!