Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's all easy 'til it's heavy

I saw that on Mark Reifkind's blog awhile back. I thought it was a cute little saying, an inside joke for serious weightlifters and KB enthusiasts. I didn't quite get it.

Now I do.

In my continuing quest to do better, to swing heavier, I did my very best to stay away from the 18# bell and focus on the 26# and the 35#. I have to say I did pretty well, and now, I really get what that 'cute little saying' means! I warmed up with 100 swings, alternating between the 26 and 35, then I did use the 18 for snatches, 50 total, and a few transfers. Then I moved on to single transfers with the 26 (about 60). I was at a total of 210 reps at that point. From 210 to 310, I did two handed swings with the 35. The MOST volume ever with that bell! From 310 to 400 I did two handed with the 26, which felt LIGHT. Ha! I felt my grip really start to give out toward the end of the heaviest swings. 

It felt good, I feel a very real sense of accomplishment. That's what I love about KBs, is that you can see incremental differences everytime you workout, if you're consistent. That's the key. That's why I don't 'count' my KB training until the date listed above. Because prior to that date, my training was spotty at best, and I was swinging too light. Embarrassingly light. 

Its been a great weekend so far - we ordered a new mattress today, a very comfy pillowtop - yaay, no more sore back in the mornings! And I had a really lovely early morning trip to the Farmer's Market. I made us a beautiful Italian tuna salad for lunch (my Italian mama made this a lot when I was a kid, as her mama and Nana did) with cannellini beans, little grape tomatoes, a yellow pepper, fresh parsley and basil from the garden, and oil and vinegar. Dessert was a bowl of cara cara oranges and a nectarine(which the kids helped devour!) We're going out tonight with friends, it's Rachel's birthday tomorrow, she'll be 35! We met the first day of school, 7th grade. We were both 12. 23 years, that's a big friendship.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

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