Tuesday, July 31, 2007

workout Notes 4

Got it done early this morning. Thought I'd have more energy - I got plenty of sleep, but I found it really hard to find my groove and rhythm. By the time I DID start 'feeling it', my hands were killing me. I get these blisters that pop up during workouts, and are very prominent and painful

My hands give out before my muscles. Even with the sock things that Tracy uses. And even more so now that I have started incorporating snatches into each routine. Theses blisters never pop, they just go down after several hours. I have noticed that my 18# isn't as smooth on the handle as the 26# and 35#. I'm thinking of sanding it a little to smooth is out.

Anyway, I did 410 reps (grrrrrr!) 90 short of what I wanted! Sets of 40-60, 2 handed swings, transfers, a few windmills, about 40 snatches. I was kind of all over the place. I didn't have a real 'routine' - I just went down, put on my new workout tunes, and banged it out. (My fav tune to swing to is Rob Zombie's 'Living Dead Girls' - second place would be AC/DC 'Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' Heh.)

The one thing I have noticed is the acquirement of new and strange things popping up on my arms. I was flexing in the mirror the other day, and came into my husband, pointing to this hard line running along my elbow. "What the hell is that?" I asked. He looked. "I think that's a tendon." Cool! I had a crush on a drummer in high school, and I remember he had these really lean arms, all muscle with tendons popping out whenever he's play. I always wanted arms that looked like that. I think I'm getting there. Slowly.
This is a bad shot on photobooth, but I think you can see what I'm talking about:

I haven't thought a whole lot about food lately. I ate what I wanted this last weekend (birthday and hangover) but got back on track yesterday. I'm trying not to weigh myself obsessively. I feel good, my clothes fit great, I'm noticing subtle changes in the shape of my body - I don't want a number on a scale to rule if I have a good or bad day. And I DO let it get me down.

Alrighty, shower, and time to get going.


Best Case Scenario said...

That hand looks ouchy but your arms look fabulous! Awesome. Woohoo

I'm curious... how long did it take you to get up to 400 plus swings in a workout. I'm trying to goal set and wondering what a reasonable improvement might be for a month of religious kettlebell swinging. I'm not even sure what is possible at this early stage or how fast to expect to build endurance (I'm obviously not going for speed or anything but I'm aiming to spend less of my 30 minutes walking around my room gasping for air :)

410 is pretty darn cool!

Christine said...

I got my first KB the end of March -- but it was only 9lbs. Too light! I used it, and couldn't do a lot, even with it being so light! I built up to about 250 by mid April, and started swinging Bryan's 35# the end of May -- and I didn't do much training the firs part of May, due to 3 weeks of bronchitis and step. I ordered my 26# in the beginning of June, and I would say that's when everything really took off. It was heavier, and harder, but I built up strength quicker. I had to 'wean' myself off of the 9lb bell, and after I got the 18lb, I stopped completely. It was about a month ago that I got to 400 reps.
So it's hard to say, given the lightness of my first bell, and the time off for illness. As you can see, last week I was at 500 reps, but I've been unable to get there again. I have days I feel like superwoman, and days I feel like a weakling. But I would venture to say that 2 months of consistent training (at least 3 times a week. I do every other day) and you will see results. If not in how you look, how you feel.

I have totally blathered on. Sorry! Hope that helps!

Best Case Scenario said...

Cool. That was totally the information I was looking for and blathering is good... I blather and I respect blathering, blather away. LOL Thanks!

Christine said...

: )