Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Where I blame the ganache

Had a quick cookie order yesterday - a few dozen sunflowers, with chocolate ganache as the dark centers. Now, I can totally resist the cookies, but chocolate is another story. It was not pretty , that's all I'll say.

We're getting to the fall - meaning a LOT of baking coming up. Back to school stuff, Halloween orders, Thanksgiving pies. On top of the kids activities. I spent a good deal of the day yesterday getting the kids fall activities squared away. We will have stuff going on every night of the week. Tyler: guitar, karate, tennis. Henry: karate, soccer. Addie: ballet. Karate and soccer are 2 days a week. Oy. I'm very excited for Addie to take ballet. She'll be taking pre ballet at Kansas City Ballet, where I took. When she's in 3rd grade, she'll get to audition for The Nutcracker, just like I did! She keeps asking when we're going to get her ballet slippers so she can take 'ba-way' and be a princess. Ha!

Her birthday is Monday. I ordered a Barbie Doll cake. I can't believe she's going to be 3 years old! My baby! My youngest! It's nice though. She's at a fun age, much easier than the baby years. But she was a cutie.


Anonymous said...
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Best Case Scenario said...

How precious is she!! I can totally sympathize with the ganache your baking sounds to die for.

Christine said...

I love to bake, and it is often my downfall. I'm ok during the warm months, but once fall hits, and apples are in season, all bets are off!

Addie was such a sweet baby! Too bad it didn't last - she's a holy terror now!