Sunday, July 29, 2007

Workout Notes 3

Pissy workout of 420 reps today. Ugg. I was not motivated, I feel like I still have not gotten caught up on sleep! I hope to be back to normal for my swing day on Tuesday.

The GOOD part of my routine today were my 100-rep swing sets. I didn't time, but I think it averaged about 2 and a half minutes. Those are the longest sets I've done, and I did 2, with about a 2 minute rest in between. The first set was 60 two handed, and 40 single transfers. The second set progressed single swings - 5, 10, 15, 20, alternating on each side. Does that make sense? I am so bad at describing my routines. Anyway, I went back to sets of around 40 after that, I think I did about 20 snatches as well as C and P. But mostly swings. Too damn tired for anything else. 420. Damn, that sucks.


Best Case Scenario said...

100 rep sets!! Wawawewow... someday I will do this. Cool.

Christine said...

It was an experiment that went well, I think. Had I not been so tired, I think I could've done another set! I feel a little more caught up this morning - no more late nights and drinking for me!