Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where I get drunk and live to regret it immensely

I am still belching Corona today. Oy. I haven't done any serious drinking in about 5 years, and it's probably going to be another 5 before I do that again. But it was a good time, despite waking up at 4am feeling queasy and like my head was going to explode.

We went to a dive karaoke bar in North Kansas City, and it was a rockin' good time. Jeremy did a rousing rendition of "Breakin' the Law", and a truly inspired interpretation of "Hot For Teacher" - including all the spoken word parts. Holy crap, what he lacks in vocal stylings, the dude makes up for in showmanship. Bryan did his best JC with "Folsom Prison Blues." It was all good.

My family b-day was as I expected, or, as Bryan put it best: " Your family really knows how to take any holiday or festive occasion and bring it to it's knees." Oh yeah.

Today is SUPPOSED to be a swinging day, but I'm thinking I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. I am just shredded, and I have to have a recovery day.


Best Case Scenario said...

Sounds like you really deserved a wild night after getting through that family birthday. Poweraid or Gatoraid are a godsend for that thumping head!

Christine said...

A greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs helped, too! What is it about greasy food that helps a hangover? Mmmm... greasy fried meat!