Thursday, July 26, 2007

workout notes 2

500 reps, and that's being tired as hell, grumpy, and it being eight at night. Not bad. I stuck with the 8kg, only did about 40 swings with the 12kg. I did 3 two minute sets to start with. I read this article: and while I don't understand ALL of what he's talking about, I got this much: longer sets=more fat burning. So I'm trying to work my way up to longer sets. I will admit, it's brutal, even with the lighter 8kg!

I think I'm starting to get snatches down. I watched this: and it suddenly all made sense to me. I tried his drills and it worked! I was able to work about 80 snatches into my workout tonight! AND I didn't bang my wrist AT ALL! Whoo-hoo! Now, my blisters are another story. Ow. I called Bryan down to watch my snatches, and he paid me about the highest compliment "your form looks really good, it looks like the videos of Tracy's." I was so proud.

He offered to do some video to post, but before I started in, i was feeling so tired, I thought, no - this is not going to be one I want to have anyone look at. Now I wish I had, it was a great workout!

It's really amazing how much better I feel emotionally right now. Before I started swinging, I felt tense, my neck and shoulders hurt, I was sluggish and stressed. I feel very relaxed now, a little energized, and de-stressed.

Well, until I talk to my mother again.


Best Case Scenario said...

That video was perfect. My arms are too sore to try it right now but I'm pretty sure that is the missing link for me and my banged up forearms. Thank you for posting that.

Christine said...

I found it on the dragon door forum, and it made total sense to me. I've never been able to do that many snatches in a row before! It doesn't seem to help me with cleans, though. I still bang the crap out of my wrists on those.

How goes your training?

Best Case Scenario said...

Kind of ground to a halt there for a bit. I had a really bum week. Just sort of stressed and blue and depressed and that sort of leveled me. Wordpress was giving me grief and I just started the blog back up on blogger. Posting and being accountable seems to help a little so I'll try to keep it up.

Christine said...

I can relate. I'm still struggling to come out from under my deep funk. It's better, but I am allowing myself today to eat crap and feel like shit, 'cause tomorrow IS a swing day, no matter what!