Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where I don't feel like myself

Almost my birthday. Almost the one year anniversary of Buffy's death. ONe day and then the next. Her birthday was a few weeks ago. She would have been 40. We watched The Fountain last night. We go to Sarah and Jeremy's today, and I'm excited to see them, but part of me doesn't want to socialize. The sound is turned down. Life is muted.

460 reps today. I pushed through despite - or maybe because of - arthritis pain. The 18# is a good size. A little small for 2 handed swings, but good for singles and transfers. Back feels ok so far. More trouble with my hands than anything. I lost my grip towards the end, and the joints in my knuckles were really trashed. My hands feel a little numb. But I keep going. I have to press on through.