Sunday, July 1, 2007

Where I blog about what red meat does to me

Yesterdays workout was just 300 swings, I had the family waiting on me to finish so we could get going. So it was short and sweet, no other exercises mixed in. Took the kids to the mall, got them all new shoes, Bryan and I shopped the J Crew sale, came home, got ready to take my mom to our much belated mother's day lunch. Ate a really unbelievably good meal. Filet in a wine reduction sauce, a bloody mary martini, and the chocolate plate for dessert (a sampler of 5 different desserts). I twas good, but... that beef is still sitting in my gut. I don't process red meat well at all. I love it, but my intestines do not! My beef farts are legendary. They frighten my family. It's really best if everyone leave the area. So, it's all still rumbling around in there. It could be a bad day.

But damn, that was a good lunch.

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