Friday, June 29, 2007

Where there is much rejoicing, again

I lost an inch off my waist! This was a source of great consternation for me, not seeing any results in the waistline (despite weight loss). My waist measurement has been holding steady at 31 inches since I had Addie (it was 28 before I got pregnant with her) so to see it at 30 is huge for me. My hips are still 27, chest still 34. I'd love to see more definition in my waist again. I don't like being so thick waisted and trunk-like.

I'm really sore from yesterday's swings, but it feels good. I fee like if I can keeping upping the volume, I will start to really see results. I have got to get an 18lb soon. I've been using the 9lb for my windmills, snatches, clean and presses, and it's too light (!!). I mean, after 40 reps, I'm feeling it more, but I can really tell that my form is not as good with the lighter weight. I'd like to just give the lightest to my mom and work solely with 18, 26, and 35. I look forward to the day I can clean and press the 26! And maybe someday, the 35!

It's a dark rainy day, very chilly for almost July in KC. Tyler's guitar recital is tonight, so I hope the weather lets up (it's supposed to be outside), tomorrow mom and I are going to lunch (belated mother's day lunch), and that's about all we have planned so far. I need to plan meals and go shopping, try to get to the farmer's market early tomorrow morning before all the good produce is gone.

That's all , it's Friday, I am ready for the weekend, and I am a happy camper!!


Royce said...

SAWEET. Great progress way to go!

Royce said...

Oh, and you can get the 35, just work at it and it'll come!!

christine said...

I was rereading my first KB workout - with a stinkin' 9lb! - and I reminded myself that I HAVE come a long way in just a few months, so it's all good!

Anonymous said...

Wow, an inch is amazing! You go, girl! :D I need to take my measurements again soon and hope to see a small decrease there, at least. What an encouragement you are!!
It was rather dreary here too. Not rainy, just kind of dark. However, I won't complain since it STILL didn't get dark until 9 here! LOL

christine said...

It great to finally see progress! I'm telling you - kettlebells are the way to go!