Tuesday, June 26, 2007

swing baby, swing

Let me just say: it is balls-out hard to workout when you have had no sleep. But I did it anyway.

I lined up the KBs from largest to smallest, and (after a 60 swing warm up with the 26) worked my way down the line, heaviest to lightest, then lightest back down to heaviest. My reps at each bell varied, I didn't keep close track. My focus was on GETTING IT DONE. At 285, I was ready to quit. I was so close to being done, I just pushed on through. Made it to 310. My mantra was 'move forward, not back' - meaning, let's try to go higher in reps than last time, not fewer. It was hard, but I did it. No snatches or windmills. This was all I could do today. But I think it was good.

Interesting thing in regards to my weight... I have been weighing between 137-140 for the last week, and it's been a bummer. The thing is, my clothes are fine - loose, even. So I went into the basement where we keep the old scale (it's not digital, just an old fashioned dial) and I weighed all 3 KBs first, to make sure it's accurate. It was spot on for those, so I weighed myself. I was shocked to see it at 134. What the hell? Something is all kinds of fucked up with the digital scale, so we're bringing the old one back upstairs. I don't know why I obsess over those numbers, especially when I FEEL good and my clothes FIT well. But I need the numbers as concrete proof that I'm doing something right.

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