Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where I feel discouraged

I'm feeling very discouraged today. My weight has not been what I want it to be - or what I think it should be, given the exercise. The eating.... I think it's been alright, but obviously, there's something that needs to change. I have still been allowing myself dessert at night, in moderation (a scoop of ice cream instead of the whole pint) but now I'm wondering if I need full-on deprivation. I would hate it, I'll be honest. My treat at the end of the day is what gets me through a lot of days! But something needs to change. I need to be eating a higher volume of lower calorie foods, obviously. I think the basis of my meals are good - I always do lean chicken or fish, salad and / or veggie, and low or no carbs. I think it's the in between crap that's killing me. The little bites of the kids stuff I tell myself don't count. Who am I kidding? It ALL counts. Every bite.

On an up side, I am seeing tiny little differences in my upper body. My shoulders have a lot more definition. My upper back, too. My boobs look slightly perkier (this usually happens when I work out regularly. I guess it's from the pectoral muscles getting a boost). So that's all good. I just am sick of the belly, hips and booty. It has GOT to go.

Swinging day today. Tired as hell, rough night with the toddler. I think I got a solid 2 hours of sleep. I'm going to try to push through and get the same numbers as sunday, but I can't make any promises.


Jenny said...

It is totally the pectoral support that makes the boobs flirty again. Mine were like wet nerf balls after my kids, then when I started up wtih the yoga, holy balls they came back! Its awesome.
Hang in there.

christine said...

Oh yeah, mine looked like the stuffing had been yanked out. They look much better now. If I could just eradicate the mama belly!