Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where I finally blog after what seems like an eternity

Oy. Really, OY. So tired, so busy. Hence, the lack of posts. Where have I been? Well, I am finally (!!) well, so I have been playing catch up with everything. Had a big cookie order, plus made extra for Henry's picnic. Been dealing with Aunt Henri, who has been a huge pain in the ass. I mean, more so than she usually is. She has been quite nutty, going as far as accusing my dad of stealing money from her (no proof here, she's totally money obsessed, and while she has a reasonable amount of money to live off of, she's no millionaire.). My dad is a lot of things- selfish, belittling, misogynistic, but he is not a thief. It's been a stressful week.

I have been working in the yard for the last week, too. Damn near every day, the kids and I are outside. They play, and I dig, weed, and plant. There have been many trips to the garden center, and both the front and back yards are finally looking pretty good. We also bought 2 carnivorous plants to try to control the bug issue. The kids are fascinated! I put 3 heirloom tomato plants in yesterday, I am hopeful they'll do well. Fresh basil and tomatoes, my favorites! My herb garden is going to be particularly lush this year, I can feel it! Thyme, rosemary, mints of all varieties, lots of lavender, sage, oregano. No cilantro or dill - I have bad luck with them. We cleaned up the patio, and I planted herbs and flowers in the bed that surrounds it. I'm looking forward to our back yard being a sanctuary this summer. I have visions of sitting out in the evening, sipping mojitos and watching the sun set. Oh! And I got up early this morning and did some KB swinging out on the patio. It was a perfect morning, weatherwise, and a really great way to start the day.

What else? Nothing too exciting. School's almost out, and the pool will be open soon. My favorite part of the year. Early summer - before it gets too hot, before we're sick of going to the pool. when the mornings are still a little cool, and then it warms up to a nice 85 or so. Love it. Love the gardening, swimming, grilling, trips to the zoo, to Loose Park to the rose garden. Love it all. Kansas City in the early summer is just perfect.


Tracy said...

Miss you! I've been too busy to blog as much as I'd like to.

Love , love , love the haircut. You look pretty!

One of my pet peeves is women who are so attached to their overgrown, damaged, ugly, do nothing for them, long hair that they can't see how beautiful nice "healthy" flattering hair is one they cut some of it off!

You are not your hair.

christine said...

Once I get out of the blogging habit, it's hard to start up again!

I'm glad to have my natural humidity gauge back - my curly hair! Seriously, we're expecting rain today, and I woke up, looked in the mirror, and thought: yep, my hair is a mass of curls and frizz. Rain coming! Ha!