Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where I cut 7 inches off my hair and feel a little bit sorry for myself

Observe the previous photo compared to this one. I had A LOT taken off. I've been wearing my hair very long and straight for some time, and while it is pretty and sexy, it is way to hard to manage. My hair is naturally curly, and I missed being able to just let it dry and shake it out. He put lots of layers in, and my curl is back. I look like the Sicilian-Russian-Jew mutt that I am!

I am still sickity sick sick. I have now coughed to hard that I have pulled muscles in my back. It hurts to breathe. I am convinced I will never be well again.

My cat broke my favorite antique tea cup. The pretty one with the delicate pink and the lilies-of-the-valley. I cried a little. Stupid cat.

Bryan went out of town for his mother's birthday. I told him it was alright and he should go, but I can't help but feel the tiniest bit resentful. It would have been a nice gesture for his dad to offer to fly us all down. It IS mother's day after all. Feeling like crap for a month doesn't help, either.

Many thanks to Jenny for showing up with a bottle of wine Wednesday night. I am going to go finish it now. I hear white is the preferred wine for wallowing in shameless self pity. Do you think it will mix well with my xanex?


Royce said...

Happy Mothers Day!

christine said...

Awww..... thanks! Going down in history as the Worst. Mother's Day. Ever! But hey, it's just a stupid day anyway. Tomorrow will be another one!

Jenny said...

Mine wasn't all that great either. My plans to have all my family over for dinner last night got dumped on their head when my parents decided to completely change the day around to work around my brother's work schedule, and have us all over for lunch instead. Um, ok. Whatever then. I was not a happy camper.

christine said...

Mother's day is a crock - we get one day a year for a lifetime of servitude? That seems fair. Ha!

Julie said...

I've loving the haircut!! sorry you're STILL sick. :(

christine said...

I felt a little pang of sadness as he cut it - it was the longest it has been since high school - but it was just too hard to take care of! Maybe when the kids are older, I'll grow it that long again. Plus, I like having the option of curls again ;)