Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where I demonstrate why I was called 'Nature Child' in high school

Look what we found in our basement this evening! The cats were a little perplexed, but they generally ignored him. I scooped him up and took yet another opportunity to play a round of "let's fuck with the neighbors". Jody was not amused. She doesn't like snakes and now thinks I'm even weirder. Hah!

I thought he was cute.


Jenny said...

holy shit. I may never come over again. The only good snake is one with a hoe in its neck.

christine said...

He was cute! Just a garter snake, it's not like I'm charming cobras in my basement.

So, I know what NOT to get you for your birthday now. I guess I can forget a coupon to "Bob's Discount reptile World."

Royce said...

Snakes are cool! I've had many a pet snake.

christine said...

Addie keeps going in the back yard: "I want to find that lizard!" We call him 'No Feet' (ever watch "Little Bear"?) and we like that he eats the mice!