Thursday, April 5, 2007

Where there is much rejoicing

I'm down by 1.5 pounds. How this is possible, I'm not entirely sure. Cake. It must have been the cake. Lemon cake for everyone!

This morning: coffee (!!), then swinging while the kids watch Sponge Bob (I very obviously did NOT get up early), then baking the last batch of cookies, then over to mom's house to begin the frosting. That will pretty much be my day.

It's 28 degrees out. Seriously. In April? Fuck you, weather man and mother nature. It's going to be below freezing every morning for the rest of the damn week. Easter Sunday will have a high in the 40s. Just kill me now, I can't take any more winter, honest to jebus.

I made the grave mistake of giving Henry his Virivan yesterday. His allergies have been awful - hives around the eyes and swelling and sneezing, so much so that he had to come home early on Monday. So I decided to give him the prescription stuff, totally forgetting how it revs him up. (It's purple - he has a serious sensitivity to dyes) THEN, he has a multicolored popsicle at school. Multicolored. As in many dyes. He was totally jacked up. My little addled Tasmanian Devil. We had to give him benedryl to knock him out last night. Just like Judy Garland! I knew there was a reason he loves her musicals.


Mrs. H said...

Hey there, ladycakes!

I found you here from your myspace profile. I hope you don't mind.

I just recently (today, in fact) began using blogger again.

christine said...

Howdy! Do I know you? No big deal if I don't - the mrs, h is throwing me off!

Mrs. H said...

Thought it might. It's Christine. The other Christine. Not you. That would be weird.

christine said...

That's what I thought. H. Yep. You changed your name. Dur. It's weird to think of you as Mrs. Anybody. It still freaks me out when people call me that, or when teenagers call me 'ma'am'. Ouch.

Mrs. H said...

For me it's still a funny novelty. I'm sure it'll wear off soon.