Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tracy said we should all eat more vegetables. Look! Carrots!

Piles of cookies:

Only half done:

This is where the magic happens, people!


Royce said...

Those are my kinda veggies. LOL
Actually I don't have a big sweet tooth but those do look good right now.

christine said...

You should see them now that they're completed, they look awesome! Yet I am not even half done. Ugh, I had to take a break, my hands were cramping up from squeezing the pastry bag.

Tracy said...

Funny!! Cookies are my all time freakin' favorite food in the whole freakin' world! Add icing, and I'm a goner.

I used to have an "annual cookie exchange" at xmas time for the only reason of getting other people to contribute to my cookie disease! I would make 4-6 diffeternt kinds of cookies 6-10 dozen each, and then invite a dozen friends to exchange with, so I'd end up with sooooo many different cookies.

I still buy cookie cookbooks when I see them (second hand).