Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where I drive nails into my head and say 'AAAAAUUUURRRRRGH'

I hate migraines. I do I do I do. I was feeling peachy a few hours ago, and the minute we have a pressure change, my head starts pounding. I've consumed caffeine as well as pain meds, and it's not working. So yes, I'm going to complain and whine. I listen to other people (okay, kids) whine all day. I'm entitled.

I went to aerobics today for the first time in about 3 weeks. I normally get very winded after the first few routines, but found that I didn't get out of breath like I usually do. Hmmm. And this was while doing mostly high impact. Hmmmm. AND, when we did weights focusing on tricep kickbacks, I kept waiting for 'the burn' to kick in and it never did. Other women were groaning and complaining (as I usually am) but found it to be easy... a little boring, even. Maybe it's time to up the weights I bring to class! One of my friends there asked how I could be in such good shape since I haven't been coming to class. What do you think my reply was? Kettlebells! While my weight is still not where I want it to be (and that is 100% my fault. I fluctuate between not eating anything for a week, and then bingeing on nothing but crap. I know, it's bad. I know, I am the ONLY one who can control it.) I can definitely see subtle changes in my physique. There is tone to my arms and particularly my upper back that was not there before. When I got dresses for aerobics, i noticed that my muffintop is slightly less... muffiny. Puffy. Fluffy. I am lacking in the flub department ever so slightly.

Of course, I berate myself when I think about how much better I'd look if I could just get my eating in line, but I can't seem to get my attitude in gear. I have been especially bad with what I call 'sleep eating'. My younger 2 are still up a lot at night. Bryan and I generally have to tag team it with them. There's a lot of musical beds going on - last night I went from our bed, to Addie's, then tried to go back to ours, only to find Henry in it, then went to Henry's bed. Somewhere during this, I vaguely remember coming downstairs and eating a chocolate mint brownie. (Yes. I baked again. I was experimenting again. I KNOW!) Seriously, I am not totally awake when I do this. I am crazy.

I think it's going to be xanex and an early bedttime tonight. Because tomorrow is Wednesday! My favorite day of the week! A kid-less day! Yee haw!


Jenny said...

wrap the brownies in a complicated mass of clingwrap, so that if you're half asleep you can't quite figure out hw to get into it without waking up all the way and maybe you'll just give up and go back to bed?

christine said...

I might eat the clingwrap. I wouldn't put it past myself.