Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where I come bearing kettlebells and cake....

We spent the day at Rachel and Gabe's today, and just as the title suggests, I brought a half a cake and a kettlebell for Rachel. She's been struggling to get rid of the mama belly since Viv, and commented to me "I'm just waiting for it to go away like it did with Dexter." Hmmm, how to explain this... that was your first baby, most people don't get that lucky with the second one (and the ones that do, we tie down and force feed lard) so... this isn't just going to 'go away.'

She was understandably a little disappointed. Especially when her 3 year old pats her stomach and says "baby in der?" Ouch.

Since I have 2 bells, and really don't need 2 of the same weight, I decided to share the love and bestow one to her. At first she commented 'this isn't that hard' - yeah, 2 swings in. I told her to keep it up, and after 10, she complained they were too heavy. Yeah, that was my reaction, too! She has a hard time finding time to exercise with the kids, and I told her that you can always find time for this, even if you have time for NOTHING else. I hope she gives it a chance.

We had a great time, R and I hung with the kids and chatted while the men took a 15 mile bike ride downtown, past the river, and back home. Bryan hasn't done any serious biking in several years, and I know it totally kicked his ass. But it was a lovely day, the first sun and warmth we've had in weeks. After they got back, we set up the bubble machine and all the neighbor kids came over. There were about 12 kids there. It was a little chaotic.

I just didn't have the energy to grill when we got home, so I fixed us all a goddamn quesadilla. Chicken, feta, tomato, squash, avocado. Yum!


FallenAngel said...

Yes, I am a labor and delivery nurse. I really just want to be a Walmart greeter though.

christine said...

What a rewarding job! I'm sure you have your moments of hating it,too. As I said, I had awesome L&D nurses with all 3 kids. Especially Henry - my nurse was so great, there were a few times I told Bryan he could leave, we had it covered, I also delivered him naturally, with her encouragement. Good memories.