Monday, April 16, 2007

Where I put the cake's feet in cement and get rid of it, Sicilian style

I threw the last of it away last night, which seemed like a waste, but I knew I would just wind up eating all of it. I gave most of it away, there was only one large slice left, but still, I know what I'm like, and I wouldn't want it to 'go to waste'.

Another beautiful day. Took Addie for a long stroller ride, she'll have lunch and go down for a nap soon. Then it's laundry and cleaning for me. Survey the damage done from 2 weeks of freezing temps in my garden. I'm afraid to look, really! I think the peonies might pull through, but it's hard to say just yet. I can hope, they're my favorite flower!


Tracy said...

Man, I get in a funk and I missed all these great posts! Mmmm cake and KB's, sounds like my life last week. You need another KB by the way, a bigger one!

And I loved your confession.

Unfortunately I need to lay low on my blog, I have too much traffic related to Marks business. One reason I don't have your link on my blog (and Royce's wife's), and I can't freakin swear!

christine said...

I totally need a heavier bell! I'm hoping we can afford it this payday, but I'll have to wait and see. I'm getting to where I can swing the 35# about 10 times, and boy, do I feel that the next day!

I don't care that you don't link to me! So not a big deal. I don't filter here at all. But I get why you have to!

I thought my 'confession' was important for revealing where my body dysmorphic issues come from. We all have our baggage. The lucky ones can fit it neatly into most overhead compartments. Mine definitely has to be checked.

Tracy said...

The reason why I would love to link it to mine is for MY convenience! I have to go through the water and around the woods to get to you sometimes!

And you're just so damn entertaining.

christine said...

Favorites tool bar, baby! My most embarrassing folder of favorites is by far the frightening number of celebrity blog sites. It's so stupid, but it's like consuming lots of ice cream: I know it's bad for me, and has no nutritional value, but I can't resist it's sweet snarky goodness!