Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where I tell you why I love Wednesdays

Ah, Wednesdays. The only day of the week I have NO kids. My house is utterly, blissfully silent.

I was unable to choke down a big breakfast, I could only manage a little turkey bacon and cream of wheat. I figure I'll have a midmorning snack in a little bit. I need to exercise today, but I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm pondering driving over to the trolly trail in Brookside, but I don't know. I get so giddy with possibilities on Wednesdays, I don't want to waste my free time! I like to do things I normally can't do with the kiddos.

I downloaded a bunch of new (well, some old) music last night. A few Rush albums I haven't listened to in ages, Pink Floyd's Meddle (such a good, underrated album), Cactus World News 'Urban Beaches', and Amy Winehouse. I was getting sick of the same crap on my iPod, it'll be nice to hit the trail with some new - or nostalgic- music.

My kettlebells still haven't come - in fact, they haven't even charged my card, meaning it hasn't shipped. It's been 10 days, and the initial email i got said "do not contact us about a tracking number unless it has been 14 days and your shipment has not arrived" -- that seems a little bitchy to me, don't you think? I'm thinking of calling and trying to cancel the order.

I'm off to enjoy my day of solitude!

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