Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where I collapse and deflate

I didn't eat enough today. I just had no appetite, which is pretty typical of me during the warm months. Today was the warmest this year (in the 80s) and I just didn't want to eat. Sure enough, by about 4pm, I was dragging and cranky. I made a nice dinner that I didn't want to eat (lamb chops and spinach salad. I just had a little salad and an apple). I've always had serious blood sugar issues. I was hospitalized off and on at KU Med between the ages of 11-13. I was written up in a medical journal because of my 'non-reactive hypoglycemia' - meaning, it didn't matter what I ate, my blood suagr would plummet and I would pass out for no reason. It would be a decade before they would discover my benign pituitary tumor that had been wreaking havoc on my endocrine system. Anyway, the tumors shrank to nothing after I had a few kids, and now I seem to have reactive hypoglycemia. It would seem that I feel best if I keep my blood sugars at an even keel all day, and don't allow any sudden spikes or dips. That's essentially what I did yesterday, and I felt great!

I did go on a walk today. I've given up running until I can get new shoes. It just kills my knee too much, and I don't want to cause an injury that would prevent me from doing anything! I did about 3 brisk miles, so that was good. Lost is on tonight, and tomorrow is another day.


Tracy said...

Hey there, I never eat breakfast, haven't since I started dieting. I always have cream in my morning coffee and the fat in that usually holds me until lunch.

I'm not sure what your age is but unless you are "built" to run I don't believe in it. Mark has always said something that has always made sense to me which is, "You don't get in shape by running, you get in shape TO run". and especially the older we get we always have to consider injury.

You burn the same amount of calories walking as you do running, of course you do it in less time by running. But consider the movement, running is a series of "hops", whereas walking is a series of "lunges", I'll take the lunges!

I've made puff pastry a few times back in the day, but with a good quality store bought version I'll take the shortcut anytime!

That's really the reason why I don't bake. So many high quality (not that that's a requirement for me to shove it down my throat!) pastries and baked goods from gourmet sources that I'd rather just purchase them. Besides, If I bake a batch of cookies I, for sure, will eat them ALL! I don't yet have that kind of control or willpower.

Anyway, I'm really, really enjoying your blog, so much to indentify with. Tracy

christine said...

I have honestly, never been a runner. I would joke "I only run if someone's chasing me" - funny, but sadly true! I have been reading a lot of blogs of very dedicated runners - insane marathoners and such - and both admire and hate them. No matter how hard I try, my body just will not obey. My knees give out, my feet go numb, it sucks. Walking? If I had more time without kids, I could walk all day. I don't count anything under 2 miles. It's my goal to do the Kansas City Breast Cancer walk in August (my next door neighbor and mother of 3 died this last July from the disease. She's really the reason I've become more focused on my health and well being) and I had thought maybe, if I got in good shape, I could do the half marathon in October. I'm thinking not so much, but you never know.

Thanks for the blog love, the feeling is totally mutual!