Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where I feel satisfied for a change

Dinner was a hard boiled egg, weetabix toasted, and a bowl of bananas and strawberries. And honestly, I am stuffed. Lunch stayed with me a really long time, and I wasn't even tempted to get anything when I took the kids to Chik Fil A! This is a huge thing for me, as I generally have zero willpower. It would appear that not being hungry is the key. I really didn't want dinner, but I made myself have a little something so I wouldn't decide at 11pm that I wanted to binge. My calorie total for the day is about 1378. Not bad, and I got in an hour of exercise. I'm interested to see how I sleep, and how I feel in the morning. I used to be such a morning person, and I miss the whole bounding out of bed, excited for the day to begin.

Yep, good day. No guilt!

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