Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where I eat my crab salad and make a few notes

Note to self: call your Aunt Lynne. Call Diana back about cookie order. Make sure all Henry's paperwork is in order for kindergarten roundup tomorrow.

I am of the opinion that a healthy dose of garlic can make anything taste better. But that's just me.

I am an idiot. It is 1pm and I am eating my first meal of the day. If I don't eat when I first get up, it just becomes too hard with the kids to take the time to prepare something healthy. It's easier to wait until their lunch is over and they're napping beofore I sit down to eat. So it's imitation crab today, with shredded broccoli stems and edamame. Homemade soy vinegrette. So very high in sodium, but so very yummy.

I called Lifeline about my order, and I swear, it sounded like such a small operation. This old lady answered, and I could hear her scribbling my info on a scrap of paper. Seriously. "Someone will call you" - no one called, but I did get an email a few hours later that my order had shipped, via Fed Ex 2 day. Obviously, someone fucked up! They're scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Bryan starts working mobile tomorrow. He'll probably be home about half the time. It's going to be a big change for me and the kdis, but I think it'll be a good one. I feel so lonely and isolated the bulk of the day, just having him around will be nice. We'll be able to have lunch together!

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