Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where I make a list I have not much motivation to finish

1. Step away from the computer. No, really.

2. Clean both bathrooms. Honestly, they're gross. You have 3 boys in the house. Enough said.

3. Laundry. This is always on the list. It never ends. The pile breeds while we sleep.

4. Make lima bean dip from Moosewood, prepare chicken for lunch, cut up remaining cabbage and cauliflower.

5. Wash your damn hair! I know it's long and therefore a pain to blow dry, but seriously. It's nappy.

6. Pick up toys in Addie's room and make her bed. Empty the diaper pail. Yech.

7. Get ahold of someone at Jazzercise and figure out why your damn card won't swipe!

8. Treadmill when kids are napping. Get your lazy ass in gear!

(edited to add -- downstairs bathroom done, laundry is ongoing, made lime bean dip, decided to make chicken for dinner, washed hair (woot!) went for hour walk while mom hung out with sleeping kids. Not everything on the list, but a good start. The diaper pail was emptied, but it still stinks.)

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