Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where I discover I am actually fatter than I realized

We got a new scale.

I knew the old one wasn't accurate, but I was in deep denial. Even though I knew that I didn't fit into my clothes like I used to, I kept saying "well, I weigh 130, that's only a few pounds heavier than I was when we got married!" Um, yeah, not so much.

I weigh 137. Seven pounds heavier, people! Now, I do not look any different from the way I looked when I thought I weighed 130, but my perception has changed drastically! It's probably what I needed tp get refocused on my eating and calories. I still struggle with nighttime - I woke up at 1am last night and had 4 Oreos and milk. I barely remember it! I make good choices all day, and then nighttime comes, and the cravings kick in. It sucks.

Bryan started his kettlebell workout last week. I tried swinging it yesterday, but 35 pounds is too much for me. I can't wait for my 9 pound pair to get here! I do a fair amount of walking and aerobics, but I feel like if I don't step it up, I won't get the results I really want.

I'm ready.


Tracy said...

christine, If those bells were ordered from Dragon door and they are indeed only 9lbs. each, you still wouldn't need "a pair". I doubt you'l be doing any "doubles" in which case the weight would acctually be 18lbs!

Anyway, If you are just starting out, which it sounds like you are, send one back and get the next weight up, so you'll have 2, but different sizes.

And 35lbs. is way too heavy for you! Tracy

christine said...

I actually ordered mine from - the lighter ones only came in pairs. Bryan got his from Dragon Door, along with the dvd and book. He loves it so far, and I am anxious to give it a whirl.

I thought 35 lbs would be ok, since I lug around a 30 pound toddler all day, but 35 punds of condensed weight vs 30 pounds of weight that hangs onto you is a little different!

Tracy said...

Seriously, I don't know what the cost was, but two 9's are not going to be what you need.

I would spend the money on the bells you need. I know it's an investment, but if you find that you don't use them, I guaruntee you can resell them for what you paid. I always, always have people ask me if they can buy one from me (and I have a few!) and there's no way I'm giving up my bells!

christine said...

Maybe I'll try to sell off one of the 9 lbs on ebay and put it towards an 18 lb - though I think I'm a long way from being able to use it! With just regular hand weights, I have found our 15 lb ones I can't do more than a few reps.

Is it worth getting the dvd specifically for women, or will the basic one Bryan got suffice?

Tracy said...

O.K., I want to make clear to you, since you have not done any KB training, that you DO NOT LIFT Kettlebells, you SWING them! So you use your legs and hips for that motion.

If you went to the gym and used the "leg press" you would probably be able to "press" (with your legs) 30-60 pounds! (I don't know what you fitness level is), but only be able to "curl" (a dumbell, using your biceps) only 10 lbs.. That's the difference.

Too much for me to explain via typing on the computer. If you want to call me, we can talk in person. My # 408-421-8293. The best times to call, remember I'm in Calif. is probably between 12noon and 5pm. Tracy

christine said...

Oh no, I know that! I have watched enough videos online and read one of Pavel's book, I do 'get' the concept... of course, 'getting' it and 'doing' it are two totally different things, are they not?! We have found someone in Lawrence KS (college town about 45 minutes away) that is certified, we're hoping one or both of us can get a few sessions in to make sure we're doing everything correctly. Thanks for all your advice and help - I may give you a call as I get going on the KBs!