Tuesday, December 9, 2008

workout post

900 reps - and no, I could not push through to 1000. Let's just say the senna leaf tea I drank this morning kicked in. With a vengeance. 

Anyway, non-timed sets again. 200 continuous reps with 8kg (twice through = 400) 100 with the 12kg (twice through = 200) 200 with the 8kg, 100 with the 12kg. Mostly swinging 5 or ten per arm. Not a lot of single transfers.

Anyway, that's it. Getting over this nasty cold thing. Feeling better. By the way, it is a lot harder to cut sodium out of your diet rather than sugar. Salt is in everything! But man, a few days low sodium and my bloat is GONE. Amazing.

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