Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where I am reminded why I train in the basement and that I have really low ceilings

500 reps today - 200 swings with the 8kg (10 per arm before transfer) and then another 200, but broken down like this: 40 with both 8kgs, 5 swings, then double C&P. Yeah, 40 was all I could do. Wow, that was a little intense. Switched to the single 8kg, did 5 per arm, with a C&P before transferring. Then the last 100 of that set, I did snatch, neg. press, press, transfer after each 5th swing. Make sense? Then 100 swings with the 12kg. 

Oh, and I dropped a KB for the first time in ages. There is s big dent in the floor. Oops. Also, tried to do some burpees, and umm, yeah, hit my hands on the ceiling. That's going to have to be an outdoor activity. And since it's 12 degrees out, that means SPRING!

M'kay, cookies to bake (and not eat!). I'm off.


Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Can you send some cookies north? I haven't baked a thing for Christmas yet!

When I do burpees, I keep my hands down. I squat, thrust back, come back and then stand - no jump. Sometimes I have a kb between my hands and I'll clean it when I'm standing back up. That really gets a body sweating!

Christine said...

I'll have to try that. I was thinking you must have really high ceilings! I will gladly send you cookies, just email me your address (

I make a lot of Italian Christmas cookies, they're less sweet but a lot healthier. The fig cookies have no sugar, just figs, dates, a little honey and a lot of brandy!