Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where I kick some serious ass

KB workout tonight. Husband out for the night. Left the 13 year old in charge of the younger ones, and instructed him not to interrupt me unless it involves blood, broken bones, or fire. 

740 reps. Different routine to shake things up: didn't do timed sets. 200 continuous swings 8kg (mixed up doing single transfers with swinging 5 per arm before transfer) rested 1-2 minutes(?) then did another 200 swings with the 8kg. Rested. Then did 100 swings with the 12kg. Rested. Another 100 with the 12kg. Rest. Had to break up the swings with the 16kg into sets of 20, did 3 sets (60) couldn't do anymore, switched down to 12kg and finished at 700. Then 40 C&P with the 8kg. I could hear the natives getting restless upstairs, so I decided that was a good stopping point. My original plan was to travel back down the same way, but maybe next time.

Food today:
coffee and half and half in the morning
coffee mid morning
protein shake with banana and raspberries at 1pm
bowl of veggie chili with three beans and roasted poblanos 3:45pm
apple with 1 Tbsp cashew butter 4:30pm
1/2 cup rice with shredded chicken 5pm

Hoping I'm done.

That's typical of how I eat. Not a lot until about 2pm, then a lot of eating in a few hours. Once I start, I can't stop, even with 'good' food. I have no idea what the above calories are. I'm bad with figuring for homemade recipes. 

Alright, Henry needs a bath, then bed for the rugrats. Thank god.

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