Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where I lose 5 pounds in 24 hours

Seriously. I stepped on the scale, and I'm down to 135. I was 14o yesterday. 

Here's the rundown: been off zoloft for several days, thinking it might be the culprit to my weight gain and weight not budging. Ate very little yesterday (was on a fast for bloodwork) and have been on these supplements: CLA, OMega 3, vitamin E, probiotic, and ginseng. Oh, and I was up all night with a kitten having seizures every 15 minutes, all night. No sleep, no food= wow, weight gone. Today I had coffee, supplements, and just had a protein shake. Too sad and stressed to eat. Yaay stress diet! 

I kid, it sucks. Not the way I wanted to lose the weight, but if I'm going to be depressed, i might as well fit back into my jeans. Do not take diet advice from me. Fer reals.

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