Saturday, September 13, 2008

Workout Post, again, after 4 days

Seriously, only 4 days of no exercise? Felt like a lifetime. Re-donk-o-lous, I tell you. But here I am, back in the musty basement, swinging the 12kg (and a little 16kg) for a total of 410 reps. I tried to follow a pattern in the beginning: 2 sets of one minute on/off of single transfers, then 2 sets of five single swings before transferring to the other side. I went back and forth like that, but I went kind of willy-nilly at the end. Got tired, light headed, so there were some sets of snatches (8kg) and C&P, some 30 second sets of the 16kg, etc. Wanted to push on through to 500, but.... didn't. I almost wrote 'couldn't', but that doesn't seem right. I chose not to. 

Time to make dinner. Big bag o' chicken, what to do with it? 

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