Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where I go to yoga and get that smug look wiped the hell off my face

I got to have my favorite yoga instructor on earth tonight, so that was an extra special treat. Even though I haven't attended a class in almost 2 years, she greets me like she saw me last week. I sauntered into the studio, totally assured I was going to rock the mothf-ing house. Because, you know, I'm a kettlebell badass. Screw your weeny little poses, I swing heavy balls of steel (hee!)!

It only took about 10 minutes in for me to hit an 'oh, crap' moment. Now, some poses were easier than I remember, like backbends and triangle. I still rock any pose that requires standing on one leg (thank you, 10 years of ballet). But a lot (okay, all) of the lunges, pretty much anything that required my knee or knees to be bent for an extended period of time.... yowch! My knees feel a little on the weak side. They never hurt after Kbs, sometimes they ache after a long walk or jog. Maybe it's just age? Oy.

I did a great shoulder stand, too. Pre-kettlebells, a difficult pose for me. So I'd say I was about 50-50 on how I did. I can definitely tell my upper body is stronger, and my core is, too, but my flexibility? Nonexistent. But it will come back, I'm sure.

I'm hoping for 2 days a week. I think that's reasonable. Now, to be able to fit it in every week. Wish me luck.

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