Monday, August 25, 2008

Where I watch the DNC and get choked up. Literally.

I grew up in a very political household, so naturally, I have the Convention on. My parents spent their honeymoon (40 years ago this Wednesday!) at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Because there's nothing more romantic than riots going on below your hotel room!

I learned a valuable lesson tonight: do not eat Oreos while watching something that could potentially make you cry. The whole Ted Kennedy tribute got to me - especially when he said he promised to be in Congress in January (he is battling a brain tumor) and Dad and I both started crying... and I inhaled a cookie into my lungs. It was bad, death by cookie! I recovered and watched the rest and cried more. I have Michelle Obama on in the background, no walking or swinging tonight, just the DNC and a bowl of coffee ice cream. Then bed. I was up way too late last night, and a KB workout would be no good when I'm this tired. I have noticed that I'm stronger if I have an extra day between Kb workouts. Every other day seems to leave me a little weak. So, tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday will be out anyway, with multiple trips to the Cancer Center with Dad. I fluctuate between feeling in control and alright and.... well, not. 

Alright, I'm off to watch more.