Monday, August 25, 2008

Where I feel like I had the crap beat out of me

I have no idea how far I went last night - I'll have to drive it today and see. It was a new route, I was getting bored with my usual one. I'd say maybe 6 miles? More? Less? I went a way that had a lot more steep hills (Kansas is not really that flat, y'all) and experimented with a little parkour. I had reloaded my iPod with new music (M.I.A, Goldfrapp, Linkin Park, and the new NIN album) and found it to be very motivating. I have been using the same workout tunes for about a year, and there's only so much Ac/Dc and Rob Zombie you can listen to! So anyhoo, I am shredded this morning, and definitely feel like I went 10 rounds in the ring.

The Vibram monkey shoes are still a hit with me. I find I can walk farther without knee pain, light jogging is easier, and they're just all around comfier. It is obvious that I use different muscles when I wear them, my calves and quads really hurt! 

OKay, off to take the kids to school.....

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