Saturday, June 14, 2008

KB workout

(this was yesterday, didn't have time to post) 

400 reps, couldn't find my gymboss (because someone decided to use it and not put it back where it belongs! grrrr.....) so I had to wing it on the set times. Alternated between the 8kg and 12kg in sets of 50, threw in some double snatches, double C&P, squats with the 12kg, then the last 100 swings I did in sets of 20, single transfers, with the 16kg. Oh, hell yeah! My legs hurt today, but it's all good!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a kick ass workout... I'm in awe with that 16kg. I feel like I would have trouble just lifting that sucker let alone swinging it... all in good time.

Amy said...

Shut up with that 16 kg!!! See, you're a strong and feisty wooooooooman. You better be feeling pretty darn proud of that. It's only the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the 16 kg. Way to go!!

Christine said...

Would you believe that I hurt for days after that one? Today I woke up, and it's the first day I can walk without whimpering! We'll see if I can repeat it today (swing day) but I may have to ease back to the 12kg for today!