Monday, May 12, 2008

Where I survive Mother's Day, barely

Mother's Day is kind of a crock, I've always thought. The things I treasure the most are the little homemade things the kids bring home from school. I don't like the grand gestures, they smack of a certain falseness. A forced appreciation. It means more when my husband does random stuff for me throughout the year, not just on one stupid prescribed day!

Anyhoo, I did make a rockin' brunch for my Mom, which she was totally an hour late for, but I can't really blame her, it was circumstances beyond her control. We had scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, a metric ton of thick sliced bacon, and french toast soaked in amaretto and orange juice. Oh, and a fruit salad, too. I had bought a cherimoya based on Tracy's recommendation, and was really excited to cut into it. Let me tell you, it tasted like feet. Blergh, it was bad. And I love most fruit, but lord, this was about the worst! She must have a much more refined palate than me! Needless to say, it dod NOT go in the salad. It went in the trash.

I also made a pistachio cake filled with ricotta, candied orange rind and chocolate, frosted with ricotta and whipped cream. 

My gift was no surprise - I picked it out! Another 8kg kettlebell to swing doubles with! I haven't tried it yet, after cooking all morning, i spent the rest of the day in total lazy lounge mode. There was much watching of bad TV and laying in bed with all 3 cats. I think I'll give it a whirl today. I haven't swung since last Wednesday, and I need to get on it. I still have those damn cookies to frost, too. Ack.

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