Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just logging the KB numbers

530 swings, alternating 8kg and 12kg. 
70 reps of a combo: swing, clean, swing, clean press, swing, switch sides. I counted each movement as one 'swing' for the sake of my counting. Those were all done with the 8kg.

Total reps: 600


Anonymous said...

Nice going! that is a lot of swings!

Christine said...

Getting there! Just need to use the 12kg more!

Amy said...

Did you add your swings to your running total on your blog? I forgot what it was on Friday.

I posted about the RKC weekend. Finally! It was intense and it took me a week to be able to put the experience in perspective. If you want to do the cert weekend, you shouldn't hesitate. Pick a date and go for it!! I can help you prepare.

I hope your week brings you some peace, an appetite, and some normalcy.


Christine said...

Yep, I updated the running total!

I can't wait to read all the details of your weekend! When life smoothes out, I'll get certified for sure!