Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've been a little mystified today, because I'm actually hungry - what's up with that? Then I realized - it's probably from the workout last night. I did it right before bed, and had a very low calorie day (I'd have to say maybe 6-800 calories? If even that?) So I guess it would follow that my body wants food today. So far, I've had roasted beets and carrots and a little leftover veggie pasta from last night. So that's okay. 


weelittleme said...

So are your sore? Not yet maybe. I always find the second day the worst.
I'm still pretty much incapable of doing a snatch without banging my arm. It is so frustrating and I don't have anyone around her that I could even pay a million dollars to and get a coaching session. I want to put at least one kettlebell session into my weekly working out. I guess I'll just swing for now. Dont think I'll ever be able to do 1000 like you though.

Christine said...

Yes you will!!!!!! Take a look at my archives from March/April of last year - I got a fricking 9 pound KB, the smallest they make! And I could only do something like 60 reps, period! I was soooo out of shape! But I have come a long way in a year, and that's with breaks in training, too. Just swing as much as you can 2-3 times a week,and trust me, you'll see your numbers climb!