Friday, March 7, 2008

Where I couldn't feel like any less of a badass

So, I decided to mix up my workout today. I'd been reading a little on CrossFit, and I thought maybe coming up with my own 'Workout of the Day' could make things interesting.

Or kill me.

I did 50 single transfers with the 18lb as a warm up, then tried to do 10 box jumps (using the bottom stair, as I had no box to jump on) and then 15 ball slams with the medicine ball. When I tried to rotate back to do another set of box jumps, my already crying knees snapped. Literally. I honestly thought I'd torn a ligament or something. I hobbled upstairs and took a handful of motrin and began to plan my life as an overweight cranky cripple mom of three. It's better now, I think it was just too many squat-type exercises at once. I'm going to get on the treadmill and walk it out tonight. Maybe try to do more KBs. I'm feeling very sleepy and unmotivated, plus I have to do more frosting on the cookies, so we'll see.

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