Sunday, March 9, 2008

First off, I love my new Gymboss! It cam in the mail yesterday, and I gave it a whirl today, doing a 1:1 ratio of work sets vs. rest, and let me say, while I wasn't in the basement as long as I usually am, I feel like I did more work! I think that's because I generally do longer rests in between, and don't always do one minute sets. Here's the breakdown of my 'quickie' workout:

1 minute swings, single transfers, 18# - 40 reps
1 minute swings, 2 handed 26# - 40 reps
1 minute ball slams (12# weight)- 25 reps (?)
repeated through that set list once, then ended with another set of single 18#

Total KB reps= 200

Here's the interesting part: it didn't feel like I did 200. Granted, I was winded and tired, but time-wise, it didn't feel like it. It wasn't until I sat down and figured it out that I realized it wasn't such a paltry workout after all! I think it's going to be a great tool to maximize my fat loss and strength building, plus save me on time. Let's face it, I have 3 kids, I volunteer up at the school, I run a small baking business - time is a serious issue. That's probably my number one issue in regards to not getting down there to workout. I just don't have an hour to spare, and in the past, I have felt like if I couldn't give it a big chunk of time, it wasn't worth it. Well, I was down there all of 13 minutes. I think I can do that. All in all, the Gymboss is a winner!


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obscurapersona said...

Christine - Thanks for the sweet comment about my artistic ability. I have the fondest memories of our independent study adventures back in high school...