Monday, February 18, 2008

Workout post #3,453,299

20 single 18 lb.  

60 left hand both hands right hand 26 lb (does that make sense? A single swing left hand, transfer to both hands, then a single swing right hand. Wash, rinse, repeat.)

20 single 35lb  (oh my god. Ow.)

20 two hand 26 lb 

60 L hand B hands R hand 26 lb

40 snatches 18 lb

40 2 handed 26 lb

20 snatches 18 lb

(that's 6,820 pounds moved, for any of you keeping score at home.)

Yowch. It's hard to knock out a swing workout when you feel like you're fighting off a virus. But illness be damned, I did it anyway. And 300 reps, by golly. In between, I did push ups off of the handles of the 26 and 35. Not exactly the right height, but it did the trick. I have to say, I think my form on snatches is really improving. I can feel a lot more power coming from my core. I am also noticing that I don't get blisters like I used to. I attribute it to better grip and positioning of my hands. So yaay me! 

Now I'm going to go take NyQuil, curl up, and die quietly.

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