Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where it's kind of loud here

The family band is rocking out in the basement. I can't discern any actual music, per se, but there is some heavy electric thrashing guitar, and I hear loud drums, and I think a xylophone. We have a new older neighbor next door, whom we met for the first time today. She gave me a little speech about how she was on the homes association in her last neighborhood, and knows about being a 'good neighbor'. 

I bet she's hating us right about now.

We had a good day, we took the kids to the River Market and ate at Hien Vuong. Mmmm, so good. The crispy shrimp and sweet potato appetizer was amazing. And the kids ate. And ate. And ate. In fact, it's dinner time, and none of us are hungry! We went to the Steamboat Arabia Museum, too. I had never been, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. We stopped and got coffee at Broadway on the way home, and the kids looked through Bryan's comic book collection. It's been a good day.

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