Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where I make the usual half hearted New Years resolutions along with the rest of the unmotivated and unwashed masses

Hello faithful readers! All two of you! I'm sure my readership has dropped off, given that I never make any post of substance anymore, but hey, it's a brand new year, baby!

To recap, ever so briefly, the holidays were nothing short of the ninth level of hell. I am ever so glad they're gone. I cooked, I baked, I slaved, I cleaned, I decorated, I wrapped (as opposed to rapping, which would have made the holidays that much cooler) and I generally made no time for myself, at all, ever. It sucked. I have given really serious thought to shutting down the baking business, but I'm holding off on any rash decisions. I think I'm a tad burnt out, and I want to see how i feel in a few months.

As far as kettlebells go, I last lifted one to swing on November 15th. I am beyond ashamed to admit that, but all you have to do is reread my blog to figure that out. For the last several days, I have wanted to , but lack of sleep has been seriously hindering my desire. I'm really going to try to do a bit tonight, even if it's a pitiful amount like 40. It's a starting point. I have found that that first workout is the hardest and most awkward. I have to start back in. It's not a choice. I haven't felt well since I stopped eating right and swinging (der) and I simply do not sleep well, either. I was exhausted last night. In bed at 8:30. and I could. Not. Sleep. Seriously. I have got to get some sleep soon. 

I have been entrenched in getting the right foods for Henry, and in the process, we have all been eating better. The only dairy I really have now is in my coffee (can't do soy, sorry!) - I really rarely buy ice cream now, too, unless it's soy-based. My new favorite product is this. So yummy. Vegan cheese made from cashew nuts! And trust me, it tastes like cheese! The nacho cheese one is addictive. And lucky me, it's a local company! I was shopping today, and I glanced at my cart as I was checking out, and it was all fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, vegan cheeses, non-peanut nut butters, and ZERO processed foods. It makes a difference when your kid can't have ANYTHING with corn products. No high fructose corn syrup, no corn startch, no corn flour. You'd be amazed how limiting it is. But I'm getting the hang of it. And the kids are great with it. Their bedtime snack tonight was toast with macadamia butter and honey, and slices of mango. Henry's behavior is so much better when we follow his diet. 

I don't love that my kid has so many severe allergies - it sucks for him, especially in regards to school parties. But I will say this: I love that this has forced me to watch what my family eats, and not just in some half-assed way. I am talking reading the label of every thing that comes into my house. And since it wouldn't be fair for Henry to be the only one eating pure, we are all eating clean. I can't tell you the number of parents who say to me "I could never deal with that!" or "I don't know what I'd feed them!" or "All my kids will eat is frozen chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwiches!" That's just a cop out. When it gets down to it, it's easier to feed them like I do. And they will eat what you make, especially if they see you eating it, too. Maybe I've just been fortunate to have kids that like broccoli and Indian food. Or maybe I was smart and fed them a wide variety of food from the get-go. But either way, I feel blessed that we have to be so mindful of Henry's diet. I know I am setting a foundation for my kids that will follow them into adulthood. 

I'm not saying that I'm perfect- I have a bag of m&ms stashed in my room that my mom gave me the other day that I desperately want to throw away before I completely inhale it. I still don't make the best choices when the kids aren't around. But I'm doing a lot better. I have thrown away tons of cookies and Christmas candies in the post-holiday haze. I want to eat better and set the example for my kids, and I figure that's half the battle. 

Knowing that crap foods are actually making your kid sick really changes your perception on food and most health nut concepts of 'dieting'. As much as I want to look good and lose a few pounds, this is bigger. More important. We let Henry backslide while the in-laws were here, and wow. He was a mess. Hyper, (some might use the term 'ADHD', but I'll refrain, because he only behaves that way when he ears crap!) congested, and ooh, the tummy aches he had after too much cheese pizza! He was in tears Sunday night, it was pitiful. Our family diet is no longer about vanity. It's about the quality of my kid's life. 

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