Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still Life with Winterberries and Iced Car

We are coated in ice right now. Not as bad as 2002, and definitely not as bad as the 'October Surprise' of 1996, but nevertheless, it kind of sucks. We still have power, so that's good, and I'm holding out hope that it stays that way. I have been doing massive amounts of baking in preparation of no power - I can decorate cookies by candlelight, but I need the stove to bake them! 

Still no KBs, but I stepped on the scale today (first time in about 3 weeks) and I am down 4 pounds. The answer to that question is this: I have been on my feet in the kitchen from morning til night, and I really don't eat. I am a highly evolved being that can exist on coffee alone. I know I need to take better care of myself, but really, between the kids, baking business, Christmas preparations, and general house maintenance, I come in pretty low on the list of priorities. Two more weeks, then life can return to normal.

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