Sunday, December 16, 2007

So, I just found out that Henry is allergic to, well everything. Level one to corn, peanuts, dogs, and TREES (the pediatrician put in his chart 'move to Arizona'), level two to milk, cats... and this is just the preliminary bloodwork. We go to the allergist in January, and I am sure we'll discover more allergies. And can I just tell you- corn syrup is in EVERYTHING. Shopping is a serious pain in the butt. Poor kid. But he has felt better since taking him off of those foods, and doesn't seem to mind the rice and soy milk. 

In other news, I am nearing the end of the baking extravaganza. I just have to do the edible glitter and royal icing on the existing cookies (about 15 dozen) and that's it for the sugar cookies. Of course, I still have to make the gingerbread boys, spritz, turtle bars, and I have an order for 2 pies and a cake wednesday, but still, I can see the end in sight! I am so over baked goods! Bring me booze!

I'm off to retrieve Tyler's big Santa gift - 2 bearded dragons. Yep, more animals. Because I don't feel busy enough. 

In cute kid news, Addie has decided she's Swedish. She says 'fl-oood' instead of 'food' and pronounces strudel 'str-ooooooodle'. She's a hoot.


nou weldman said...

Great blog about being a mother (and other things). Very honest.

Christine said...

You have an entire post about Rush. I think I love you.

nou said...

Oh yeah baby. Feed my ego. You must be a damn good mother. Merry Christmas.