Monday, October 1, 2007

Where I realize it's been almost a week

Have I ever not blogged in this long? Well, it's not been for lack of anything to say. I've been a busy little bee for a week straight. The sad part is, both my swinging and blogging have fallen by the wayside. Two things I really love and need! I can't complain too much, I have been busy with mostly fun, good, social things. My dance card is full! I have been fortunate enough to have bonded with a lot of new moms at Henry's school, and have been enjoying having girlfriends to do stuff with for the first time in... well, a long time. I also had a cookie order for Sunday, so I was consumed with that for several days. I have been seriously burning the candle at both ends, so Mom took all three kids last night so Bryan and I could sleep. It was a really lovely evening. We picked up the house and vacuumed (it amazes me how quickly this gets done when we're alone!) did some laundry, then I lounged and watched Desperate Housewives (it was a really meh season premiere, don't you think?) ate some ice cream, took a xanex, and went to bed. I got a full 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I feel truly like a different person today, more focused than I have in a long time!

The only downer is that Tyler is sick again. He was sick a week ago with vomiting and a fever, and here is with the same symptoms. I have to take Addie for her cardiologist appointment (check up on her Atrial Septal Defect - she also had a hole in her heart at birth which closed at a year.) at one, then after that I think I'll be taking Tyler in to get checked. I'm a little concerned. I tend to assume my kids either have leukemia or meningitis when they get sick. I know, totally irrational, but after you watch a childhood friend die when you're 4 years old, it kind of messes you up in that department. Assume the worst, hope for the best,

There's a lot more, but I really don't have time for a long post. But that's the Reader's Digest version.


Jenny said...

who died when you were four? I remember when Melissa Knight died, but we were older then, 4th grade, I think. Then of course, there was Mr Coortz and all that tragedy...Yuck.

Christine said...

Our neighbor across the street, David. He was diagnosed at 18 months, and died around 3 years of age. It was one of those traumatic 'one day he's here, the next he's not' things, and no one talked about it afterwards. It messed me up with the whole death thing for awhile.