Friday, October 19, 2007

I really want you to notice the timestamp on this entry

Just got back from the ER with Henry. He has croup. I feel like such a novice parent that I ran him in with such a common kid illness, but to be fair, none of my kids have had croup, and when he woke up wheezing and making that horrible cough, I panicked. Especially when he kept saying he couldn't breathe. But he got better out in the cold air, and they gave him a steroid treatment. He'll sleep in with me tonight, and he'll miss the field trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow, which he's more than a little bummed about. 

We got a new car tonight. I was going to do a big entry about my ongoing car saga, but it ain't gonna happen with the way things have been lately. So here it is: old van died. Too expensive to fix. Very generous in-laws handed us large sum of money. We went and got a 2007 Honda Odyssey. Leather. Dvd. Navigation. It rocks the house. And we got to write a motherfucking check for it. We own it outright. Sweet. We are blessed.

My KBs miss me. swinging has been sporadic at best. I'm feeling better, but it's just always something these days. Cookie orders, sick kids, School obligations. Excuses, I know, but real ones. I envy people that make a living at fitness, it really is a part of day to day life. You have to do it. In my life, I have to fit it in an already overbooked day. 

Alright, I have to get back to bed, I am shredded. 


Royce said...

That's awesome about the car!! Congrats! Too bad about being sick, sorry.

Christine said...

My car is nicer than my house.


I think we're all slowly getting better, but I tell you, between kid obligations, school, and illness, it is REALLY hard to stay on an exercise regime!