Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The days of Whine and Roses -or- Christine: Now with 95% more pure bitterness!

Henry hasn't puked yet today, so that's good. I got my period and feel like I want to disembowel myself with my flat iron, so that's bad. 

My mood is getting progressively worse as the days wear on. I'm hitting critical mass in regards to what I can tolerate. My mother is taking her anger at her situation with my father out on me. While I can agree he's a total douche and she should have divorced him years ago, I fail to understand how it's my problem. And yet, it somehow is my problem, as well as my fault. Would somebody please explain that one to me? Because last I checked, she was the one who married him. I had to tolerate being raised by a misogynistic demeaning asshat. And this is my fault how? There's more to it all, but I am honestly sick of dealing with everyone else's shit right now. Over. It. I'm bleeding, I'm pissed off, and I'm going to go throw around heavy things in the basement. Oh, and I'm unplugging my phone, too. 'Cause y'all? I am done.

(50 two handed swings w/ 16kg, 60 singles w/ 12kg, 20 snatches w/ 8kg, one hour walk.)


leslie said...

I hope today finds you feeling MUCH better. Getting done with my period and getting much-needed sleep can make an amazing difference for me.

Found your blog via the MFD forum thread where you posted about kettlebells. Can't believe how many people believe the "I have to do cardio first, and THEN I can tone!" stuff. I am a trainer in Nor Cal and I use kettlebells in my own and client workouts and they are THE BOMB! And I see you read Tracy's weblog -- me too and I learn so much from her.

Christine said...

That's so funny! I have been reading your blog via Tracy for a few months now - it's so random that you found me on MFD!

I love KBs, it's been challenging lately to fit it in with the kid's schedules (ages 3, 5 and 11) - I'm sure you can relate! I tell you, i was dedicated over the summer, when we were all home, but once school started, and fall activities (soccer, karate, ballet, guitar...) I really have to WORK at finding time! In fact, I woke up today thinking, I have GOT to MAKE the time to swing!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my cranky self!