Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where I make yoga my bitch

I have not been an active yoga student in a long time. I practiced at home up until about 5 months ago, and I just stopped. I was a little bored and frustrated with it, as I felt I never built up the strength to do serious poses and inversions. My flexibility was good, everything else sucked. After my swing workout today (200 reps, and 3 sets of 3 different barbell exercises, 10-12 reps per set. anyhoo...) I decided to go upstairs and do a few crunches, a few push ups (my neverending quest to mix things up and not get bored or complacent) and that evolved into some yoga. I was able to do this pose, with a little assistance from Bryan. BAck when I was doing yoga all the damn time, I couldn't even begin to get my legs off the ground! I also had a hard time with full back bends, which are no problem now. It's all due to my improved upper body strength, and it's awesome! It was a nice way to finish my workout this morning, and all 3 kids joined in, too. I assisted them with headstands, and they loved doing happy baby pose. Of course, kids are naturally flexible, so it was no big deal for them! 
I'm going for a hair cut today, and I cannot wait! I am chopping it all off, 

this is what it looks like now:

this is what I want it to look like:

Addie was 7 months old then, and I had had it with long hair! Then I spent the following several years growing it out, and i am ready to chop it! I have no time for high maintenance hair, especially the days i work out and get all sweaty! I don't have the time to spend and hour blowing it dry (I have a ton of hair). So I am totally psyched. It's time for a big change.

In other earth shattering news, I made another killer soup yesterday, and my food was so good yesterday! I made a fresh fruit smoothie midday, snacks were nuts, and soup for dinner! Calories were low, but I wasn't hungry, so I don't worry. I added a scoop of protein powder to the smoothie, so I'm sure that helped.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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