Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where I get the lead out

Weekends are so hard for me to get motivated to pick up a KB. The kids are all home, Bryan's home, I usually have a million errands to run and lots of laundry to do. I put it off yesterday and went for a walk instead, and was procrastinating all damn day today. I finally got my shit together and just went and did it. I'm enjoying our cooler fall weather, it's so much nicer to be able to swing outside instead of our dingy basement. Plus, it was cloudy today, which was another bonus for me: no glare and less sweat! So anyhoo, I did 200 swings, alternating between the 8 kg and the 12 kg, and then did 100 snatches with the 8 kg. A pretty decent workout, I'd say. Oh, and I tacked on 10 C and P with the 8 kg, and 20 squats with the 12 kg. I attempted a few cossacks, but my flexibility was shot today, so it was a no go. Finished up with a headstand, just 'cause I'm still so amazed that I CAN!

I have not been going as heavy as I would like, but I have noticed over the last few months, that in terms of training, I tend to take a huge leap forward (whether it be in volume or weight) and then find that for a week or two, I am unable to recapture that strength and/or endurance. It's like I take two steps up and one step back. Eventually, I am able to get there, it's just not as linear as I'd like it to be. I find that each time I pick up a KB, it's a different experience from the last time. I never know exactly what I'm going to do until I do it. 

The last few weeks have been a huge breakthrough for me, in terms of both food and training. It's been both an internal thing, with regards to how I'm viewing my eating, as well as external, as in people noticing the changes in my shape. People who haven't seen me in awhile want to know what I've been doing! The more results I see, the more it makes me want to continue where I'm going. It's all good.


Royce said...

How I wis progress was linear! We could all get in kickass shape in 3 months!! it's not though and your doing just fine. Compliments do feel really damn good don't they.

Christine said...

I've been noticing subtle changes for awhile now - but it sure is nice when other people notice it, too!

Keep up with the yoga - it does wonders for your training and mental well being!!